• Mehrangarh Fort Jodhpur
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    A tour of Rajasthan for travellers plan a trip to India

    Touring Rajasthan is like turning back in time to a vintage era of royalty and grandeur. It’s like traveling to a mythical land of fairytale fortresses, romantic lakes, glamorous palaces, and sacred temples. Here, the scorching sands of Thar Desert have seen many a battles, and the tranquil waters of lakes still ripple with waves of romance that bloomed in the most treacherous of landscapes. A tour of Rajasthan is right there on top of every traveler’s bucket list. Jaipur – The Pink City Jaipur is huge city to tour. Jantar Mantar, the enigmatic astronomical observatory has ‘yantras’, or scientific instruments, to measure time and predict solar eclipses. Amer Fort…

  • Java indonesia
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    Some amazing Yacht Tours of Asia

    Going on a sailing trip on luxury yachts to remote destinations of Asia is the most enchanting trips you can take in your life. The sailing tour of Asia takes you to exotic destinations and remote tropical islands. There is the magical submarine world to explore, white sandy beaches to walk on, and plenty of scuba diving and snorkeling to do in the clear waters. The yacht too, is equipped with luxuries and amenities for the modern traveler. So embark on some of Asia’s most amazing yacht tours on your next vacation. Thailand Phuket is a dream destination for sailing tours. More than 100 islands are scattered across Phang Nga…

  • Radhanagar Beach
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    Best Beaches in India in 2019

    Of all the natural wonders that India is blessed with, its beaches are an eternal favorite with millions of travelers. India’s long coastline has a string of wonderful beaches. There are the sparkling aquamarine waters of the sea lapping the shimmering white sands, and frothy waves crashing on rocky beaches. Swaying palms and coconut groves add a dash of green to the entire landscape. Beaches of India are the ultimate place for relaxation and water sports. Let’s dive in and discover some of the best beaches in India. Agonda Beach, Goa Beaches are the most famous attraction of Goa, and among the best is Agonda Beach. It is less crowded…