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Some amazing Yacht Tours of Asia

Going on a sailing trip on luxury yachts to remote destinations of Asia is the most enchanting trips you can take in your life. The sailing tour of Asia takes you to exotic destinations and remote tropical islands. There is the magical submarine world to explore, white sandy beaches to walk on, and plenty of scuba diving and snorkeling to do in the clear waters. The yacht too, is equipped with luxuries and amenities for the modern traveler. So embark on some of Asia’s most amazing yacht tours on your next vacation.


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Phuket is a dream destination for sailing tours. More than 100 islands are scattered across Phang Nga Bay, making a landscape that’s surreal and gorgeous. Phi Phi islands, Krabi, Similan Islands, Surin Islands are the best places to explore. There are rugged mountains covered with evergreen forests, limestone cliffs rising vertically out of the sea, hidden beaches and coves, network of caves, lagoons and creeks, coral reefs and marine life to explore. You can go scuba diving and snorkeling in the sparkling blue waters.


Java indonesia

Indonesia is the world’s largest island nation, and the Indonesian archipelago consists of thousands of islands. Bali and Java has most gorgeous beaches, and is a hotspot for trekking, scuba diving, surfing, kayaking, snorkeling, sailing and other water adventures. Komodo Islands are home to Komodo dragons, the world’s largest lizards. The islands of Flores and Lombok have spectacular underwater marine life and clean white beaches. There are others, like the Gili Islands and Nusa Islands, that are best for sailing trips.


The Mergui Archipelago of Myanmar, formerly Burma, is a tropical paradise, and consists of 800 deserted islands. These islands in the Andaman Sea have dense forests teeming with wildlife. You can sail in a charter yacht and explore the wildlife of these islands. They are in fact, so remote, that they cannot be seen even in maps!! Sailing trips throws up unexpected surprises and pleasures. You can discover virgin beaches, and come across Moken, a nomadic sea tribe, that lives on the seas and depends on it for their survival.


Island hopping is best done in the Philippines, where sailing to any of the 7000 islands can give you the most luxurious sailing trips of your life. There are heavenly beaches of pure white sands, transparent waters in every shade of blue and green, a vast network of enormous caves, and abundant marine life. There are tropical rainforests and volcanic mountains, and clear waters that are perfect for scuba diving, surfing and snorkeling. Islands of Palawan, Coron, Cebu, Culion are breathtakingly beautiful.


Vietnam is blessed with a long coastline which is best for sailing tours, particularly the northern and southern parts of Vietnam. Mekong Delta in southern Vietnam is a place of swampy marshlands and mangrove forests, where you will find floating markets. Halong Bay in northern Vietnam has thousands of thickly forested islands, where towering limestone cliffs juts out vertically from the sea, and hidden coves and grottoes reveal a spectacular undersea world.

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